POP-UP Setup

  1. Place the canopy upright in the center of the desired set-up location
  2. Remove the protective bag.
  3. Gently pull the outer frame legs apart with the assistance of a second person.
  4. Grasp the bottom of the diamond (shown) on opposite sides. Lift up and step backwards until the canopy is fully opened.
  5. Lock the top bracket sliders into place at each corner by holding the frame and pushing up on the slider until it clicks into place until it locks
  6. Lift two adjacent outer legs until snap locks.
  7. Attach U-clips to the frame on each side of the canopy to secure top.
  8. Raise last two legs. Raise or level the shelter by using the snap ring and adjustment holes at the mid position of each leg

Windy conditions: use stake kit in feet or weight bag set.

Heavy wind: take down canopy.

Rain: Do not leave canopy unattended – or take down. Do not allow rain to pool on the fabric.

Wet Fabric: Let dry before storing. Use cover bag when not in use.

Taking down: Reverse the above steps. It is very important that the u-clips be undone before collapsing the canopy.