Specializing in service excellence and cost efficient solutions for any tent or event occasion.

More than ever before, tents are becoming integral to a spectrum of outdoor events – but not just for weather protection. In most cases, the tent is the focal point of the event, drawing the celebration together and creating a festive, elegant atmosphere that adds life and style to any occasion.

We specialize in offering unique and cost effective solutions for any tent or event occasion. Our technical support experts are known for the excellence in service and support. If you do not see what you need on our website, please ask we may have what you need.



Our Marquee tent tops are white, “black-out“material providing maximum shade and protection. Our prices include rental, set up and return and are for the run of the event (1 - 3 days). Inquire if there are delivery charges to your area.

Marquee Tents

10' x 20' $265.00
20' x 20' $325.00
20' x 30' $445.00
30' x 45' hex $850.00
20' x 40'* $650.00
(2-20' x 20's together)
Multiples of 20x20's can be connected together with "rain gutters" to make one integral unit. There is no additional charge for this service.

Tent Walls

Solid @ $2.00 per foot 20’$40
Window @ $2.50 per foot 20’$50

Modular Frame Tents

30’ x 30’ $819
30’ x 45’ $1,269
30’ x 60’ $1,638
40’ x 40’ $1,456
40’ x 50’$1,820
40’ x 60’$2,184
Additional 40’ x 10’ foot sections$364
eg; 40’x80’$2,912

10’x10’ Pop Up Tents

Rental only – delivery and set up additional intalled at $95.00 each. Includes stake kit
Price Disclaimer
Listed prices are a guideline and are subject to change without notice.
Please contact us for a quote.