THE SHORT VERSION of Terms and Conditions:

  • You are responsible for the equipment and charges once it is delivered or picked up!.

To save time and money:

  • A site plan should be provided prior to delivery.
  • The site should be accessible for truck delivery.
  • The site should be able to receive stakes for securing the structure.
  • Additional charges may apply for unsuitable ground conditions or the need to import anchoring materials.

TENTS: Care and feeding

  • Insure all tie down ropes are taught: check regularly
  • Disperse any rain build-up on the canopy by lifting up on the fabric from the inside with a broom or the like, being careful not to puncture the fabric.
  • In a severe wind storm all sides should be fully installed and secure or all sides removed.


  • Simple… Don’t. Additional cleaning charges will be applied if used for primary cooking producing grease laden vapors  (i.e.  hamburger grill)
    NOTE: some tents may be available for cooking purposes depending on availability – ask us!


  • Be cautious of the cold weather which causes cracking. Damage to the fabric may occur if handled under freezing conditions.
  • Windowed walls will not survive the cold weather.
  • Snow load must not be permitted.


  • Additional charges may also apply if the tent is used for agricultural or other special events or the use of adhesive tapes which produce heavier cleaning requirements.

Charges are levied for damage or loss at replacement costs