Terms & Conditions of Equipment Rental

It is understood and agreed this agreement is for rental only;all equipment and materials which are the subject of this agreement are the property of Interior Display Services Ltd., hereafter referred to as the Lessor.

Breakage, Damage & Missing Equipment

The person affixing his or her signature on the fact of this contract (hereinafter referred to as the Renter)  hereby assumes responsibility for any and all damages or loss to said rental equipment and materials. The Renter agrees not to loan, sublet, mortgage, sell or dispose of this equipment in any manner and agrees to pay the full cost of all repairs and/or full replacement charges if, the equipment is in any way rendered inoperable or out of service, regardless of whether this occurred through accident, neglect or misuse.

The Lessor shall be the sole judge as to whether the equipment can be reasonably repaired. In case of loss or destruction of said rental equipment and materials or, loss of possession thereof or inability to return same to the lessor, the Renter agrees to pay the lessor the complete and full replacement value of said rental equipment and materials in cash, due and payable concurrent with expiry of the rental term.

**  To avoid additional rental / repair / replacement charges, please ensure equipment is secured when not in use and is protected from weather and or other elements which may influence and or cause damage.
**  Drop cloths and ground sheets are to be used during set up and take down as it is in your interest  to avoid staining or damage of equipment

Renter is responsible for ensuring all said rental equipment and materials are clean prior to its return.  The exception to this is table wares and linens.
Renter will pay additional charges on rental items returned dirty, the state of cleanliness being determined by the Lessor.

All rentals to be returned by 2:00 P.M. the next business day unless otherwise specified in writing by the Lessor.


Liability for injury, disability or death of workman or other persons caused by the operation, handling or other use of the said rental equipment and materials during the rental period shall be the liability of the Renter and,  he/she shall indemnify and save harmless the Lessor against all such liability. The Renter shall also indemnify and save harmless the Lessor against all loss, expenses or damages which may arise out of any action for damages to property or person or persons occasioned by the operation, handling or other use of the said rental equipment and materials during the rental period.

In the event of the inability of the Lessor to supply the equipment to the Renter due to any circumstance beyond the control of the Lessor, it is agreed that the Lessor’s maximum liability shall be for the return of any deposit and/or prepaid rental fees only, in the event such fees are not forfeited by the Renter for any other reason. The Lessor shall not be responsible for any further damages or lost revenue incurred by the Renter or any other persons, due to the inability of the Lessor to supply said rental equipment or materials.

The deposit does not represent liquidated damages. The Lessor reserves the right to sue the Renter for any damages suffered by the Lessor as a result of the Renter’s use of the equipment.

Upon the happening of a breach of any term or condition in this contract, it shall be lawful for the Lessor to immediately retake possession of all said rental equipment and materials, and for that purpose, enter into or upon any premises where the same rental equipment may be found and, also demand immediate payment of all accrued rental charges to the date of repossession.

This rental agreement overrides all previous conversation, correspondence and understandings.  All conversations concerning pricing must be confirmed in writing to eliminate any mis-interpretations.

We require a signed rental agreement accompanying 50% non-refundable damage deposit to confirm rental.  The balance of rental must be paid at time of pickup and or at the time of shipment and or installation.

The tent rental business is diversified and Interior Display Services recognizes individual unique circumstances do not always coincide with the terms and conditions of this agreement however, we ask that customers respect said terms and conditions as outlined above.  In return, Interior Display Services offers a flexible approach in servicing it’s clients.